5 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet Charter

Discover the many benefits of a private jet charter, below, and encourage you to book your next private jet with Aircraft Jet Charter Company.

Preparation time

Preparation Time

1 ½ hours’ time you can spend with the family before you leave to the airport. 6-7 hours enough time to sleep because check-in at the airport takes only 15 minutes.

Flight time

Flight Time

One hour time it takes to get to the airport closest to your home. You can work in most private jets you can use your phone and conduct business in private.

Going home after flying

Going Home After Flying

Your driver is waiting to take you home. There are no lengthy security or baggage claim queues. Hassle free and you avoid the crowd.

Fresh and comfortable

Fresh & Comfortable

A relaxing experience in comfortable conditions with almost zero time wasted waiting at the airport.


$1,400-$7,000/Hour approx. The final price depends on the type of private jet you want to hire and the destination you want to travel to, the bigger the jet the higher the charter cost. A typical private flight includes 6 seats with one, very pretty, stewardess.


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